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Devoted to Gypsy Horses and Enthusiasts

About Us

Our mission is expanding the awareness and accessibility of Gypsy Vanner horses and Gypsy Cob’s on a global basis, to current and future owners.  We utilize reputable and safe auction sales, horse shows, exhibitions, educational offerings, and easy access to pertinent information and leading industry professionals, to provide our users the best possible experience.

Whether your experience with Gypsy horses is for business, sport or hobby, our platforms will aid all parties in making direct connections with an exclusive network of “experience providers” who will help you to achieve all your goals. Gypsy.Live integrates new technologies and outreach platforms, as well as traditional avenues, to expand the reach of equine enthusiasts generating a plethora of impressions, strengthening education of the breed through valuable clinics and exhibitions, auction sales, online and print materials, and creating direct access to owners, show managers, breeders and trainers through open forums, blogs and horse shows.

We welcome you, and look forward to sharing the magic of Gypsy horses with you!